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If you’re a new art collector, you might be under the impression that you don’t have the space nor the budget to purchase original sculptures. However, sculptors create works in a variety of mediums, styles, and sizes in a wide range of prices–some of which may not be as prohibitive as you think. If you love sculpture, we encourage you to browse our selection of original sculptures for sale by artists from around the globe–many of whom are beginning to make waves in the art world. Our global selection includes free-standing, kinetic, assemblage, and wall sculptures in a variety of materials such as bronze, paper, metal, and stone. Explore them now by category or sign up for our free Art Advisory program to receive personalized, one-on-one help from an expert curator.

She is supposed to be work of art, although some disgruntled city-dwellers are calling her an eyesore. The Dama del Cerro de los Santos is a 2nd century BC 1.3 meter tall sculpture made of limestone that depicts a standing woman.

Kmiecek spent the day chained to the sculpture in a wheelchair, which he said he is using temporarily because of a sky-diving injury.

I did this to relate the sculpture to the existing Romanesque elements of the Cathedral, and also because I feel that this ‘wet fold’ style, as it is sometimes called, communicates so well the sense of a transfigured cosmos.

Beauty Will Save Lady Under The Veil

A longtime staple of the city’s downtown culture, the Ames Annual Outdoor Sculpture Exhibition has attracted unusual controversy this year after a Public Art Commission jury selected a bronze sculpture of a nude woman by Minneapolis artist Kimber Fiebiger , titled Wide Open Mind, for installation downtown on the corner of Douglas Avenue and Main Street. To strengthen and improve the overall quality of your Sculpture Plus restorations, we have incorporated pressure into the curing process.

Modern A Lady Sculpture in Fine Cast Bronze for Interior and exterior use 100% Weatherproof. Our Lady of York Minster, probably defaced either in the time of Henry VIII or by the Reformers in the time of Oliver Cromwell (1640’s).

Marble Sculpture By Sculptured Arts Studio

SHE’S WHITE AND half dressed, reclining on a rock, and you can see her in many windows across Dublin. He eventually repurposed his concept into Liberty Enlightening the World” —the official name for the statue that has been overlooking New York Harbor since 1886.

The sculpture, from one of the Khajuraho temples in India, turned up on Canadian soil in 2011. If one takes the time, however, to visit this site and also the German American Heritage Center across the street, then this sculpture is more than a gateway into the city; it is also a gateway into a fascinating past.

A 12th Century Khajuraho Sculpture That Was Stolen And Landed In Canada

The KMS is an officially recognised partner and sponsor of the sculpture documentary produced by Pearl Button Productions in NZ. The documentary charting the creation of Virginia King’s sculpture of KM was premiered at the Wellington KM conference in February 2013. Edward Berenson, author of Statue of Liberty: A Translatlantic Story, writes that Bartholdi’s concept morphed from a gigantic female fellah, or Arab peasant” into a colossal goddess.” But Egypt, which had invested enormous amounts of time and money into the landmark canal, was not as eager about Bartholdi’s idea.

I had often wondered if a three dimensional sculpture could be made to act like an icon, leading the viewer to the holy person depicted rather than acting as a self-contained art object. Bio Sculpture Gel meets vegetarian and non-vegetarian standards, is 100% Vegan and NO animal products are used in any ingredients.

Austin Sculpture Woman

A mysterious case of an art theft that went unreported is coming to haunt the Archeological Survey of India. The area was the site of the city of Basti, an Ibero-Roman city, and the Lady of Baza was found in the Cerro del Santuario, one of the its two cemeteries.

First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton, an avid fan of contemporary art, has quietly introduced 20th-century American sculpture to approximately six million visitors to the White House over the past four years. Bio Sculpture Gel is the healthy alternative in nail care with minimal dust and NO primers, bonders, odours or excessive buffing.

Pierre Eugene Emile Hebert Antique Bronze Sculpture of Two Females and Cupid, Tiffany & Co. Prime Minister Stephen Harper presented his Indian counterpart , Narendra Modi, with the so-called Parrot Lady” sculpture during an event Wednesday on Parliament Hill.

The Real Story Behind This Famous Statue

A fixture of Brooklyn’s queer scene, Lady Simon has dedicated his life to living—something we’ve all been taught to trade for lucrative careers in a quest to obtain socially normal” existences. She contacted axis: Ballymun and secured exhibition space, and then set about researching the Lady on the Rock with her students.

Together with a full range of natural nail-health enhancing pre-treatments, Bio Sculpture Gel is strong and flexible with a non-chip finish – protecting the natural nail.

A giant sculpture of a woman bathing – measuring 12ft in total – has been placed in Hamburg’s picturesque Alster Lake as a floating sculpture.

Other names: Kaye Bruce, Kathleen Young, Lady Kennet, Kathleen Kennet, Katherine Scott. So, literally, I took a perfectly good wax sculpture – a piece I had sculpted with precision over several months – an image of a woman meditating in the lotus position, and just dropped it on the floor.

We are enlisted as the prominent manufacturer, exporter, wholesaler, trader, retailer and supplier of Lady Statue. Discovered in 1971 by Francisco Presedo Velo in Baza in the province of Granada, Spain, the 4th century Lady of Baza is a very famous example of an Iberian sculpture.

Modern A Lady Sculpture In Fine Cast Bronze

A jarring bronze statue in Rockefeller Center, meant to commemorate those who jumped or fell to their deaths from the World Trade Center, was abruptly draped in cloth and surrounded by a curtain wall on Wednesday. Following a rigorous selection process, a panel led by the Wellington Sculpture Trust chose an evocative work by Auckland sculptor Virginia King.

On Wednesday morning at the Library of Parliament in Ottawa, Prime Minister Stephen Harper will deliver the Parrot Lady safely into the hands of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who will take her back to India where she belongs. Thanks in part to the FROG3D® foam carving system, the Digital Sculpture Laboratory has successfully combined technology and art to become a leading institution for sculptural innovation, research and education.

Sculpture & Furniture Laboratory With Sylvie Rosenthal

This project will provide for the expansion of the present marble restoration lab which was built in 1984 – dedicated to the memory of Terrence Cardinal Cooke by the Friends of American Art in Religion. The Lady of Guardamar is a 50 centimeter Iberian sculpture that dates back to 400 BC that was found in 1987 in fragments at an archaeological site in Guadamar del Segura in Alicante, Spain.

York University’s Digital Sculpture Laboratory, a project of the school’s Department of Visual Arts, is an innovative laboratory built to research and advance the convergence of the digital and physical in art. Talking of this beautiful Marble Sculpture is worth talking of our craft, a master piece of art created by our skilled labour.

Monument Of Laboratory Mice (Novosibirsk, Russia)

As part of the Slade Rock Room Project, a collaboration between the Slade School of Fine Art and UCL Earth Sciences, we are presenting a 1-day Sculpture Park taking place in the grounds and building of the UCL Mullard Space Science Laboratory in Surrey. Robert Lobe, who worked in construction jobs to support his early sculpture work, created Harmony Ridge #26 (1990) with anodized, hammered aluminum molded like clay to become a fictional rock.

The Statue Of Liberty Was Originally A Muslim Woman

The Sainsbury Laboratory is a plant research centre completed in 2011, set in the University of Cambridge’s Botanic Garden. In addition to the three versions of the Lady of Innsmouth I also have reward tiers for bookmarks, prints, and this creepy little resin tentacle.

Several donated or commissioned sculptures enhance the MBL’s Woods Hole campus. The exhibition will also feature a prototype from the Kit Multitimbrico realized here at the Laboratory as well as a Cristal built by Miquel Calvet and his students from the IES a Castellar of Vallès.

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